Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio

Raising an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio in Annapolis, MD

Water running back towards your home is never a good thing. Watch as we raise this exposed aggregate concrete patio back in its place, allowing water to run in the proper direction.

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Raising a Pool Deck

Leveling a concrete pool deck

A section of this pool deck had dropped far below its surrounding concrete. Watch as we raise this section back in place to match the others.

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Concrete Sidewalk

Raising a Concrete Sidewalk to be Level with the Adjacent Patio

What do you do when your concrete sidewalk sinks below the adjacent patio? You call us! We can raise that sidewalk back into place to eliminate that dangerous tripping hazard.

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Pool Deck

Raising and Leveling a Concrete Pool Deck

Pool decks are a particularly dangerous place to have a tripping hazard. In this video, we raise and level the concrete around this pool to eliminate that hazard.

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Concrete Leveling

Raising and Leveling a Concrete Slab in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

The concrete slab beneath these pavers has settled and cracked creating quite a belly in the middle of the porch stoop at this home in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. We were able to raise the concrete back into place to level out the stoop once again.

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Raising a Concrete Slab

Raising a Sunken Concrete Slab

The concrete slab had sunk around 3 inches. Watch as we put it back in its place!

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Centreville Maryland Concrete Raising

Raising Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Centreville Maryland

This exposed aggregate concrete slab in Centreville, Maryland had settled about half a brick. In this video, you can see us raise it back into place.

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Concrete Sidewalk Raising

Raising a concrete slab to meet the adjacent sidewalk

It is common for concrete slabs to settle near the foundation of a home. In this video, you’ll see us raise the concrete slab to make it level again with the adjacent concrete sidewalk.

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Sidewalk repair in Greensboro MD

Concrete Raising of a Sunken Sidewalk in Greensboro, Maryland

This video shows Stabil Solutions raising a sunken concrete sidewalk in Greensboro, Maryland.  By leveling the concrete, the tripping hazard is removed and the overall appearance of the sidewalk is improved.

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Repairing a Concrete Sidewalk in Queenstown Maryland

This before and after photo demonstrates the improvement in the safety and appearance of this sidewalk in Queenstown, Maryland. By raising and leveling the concrete sidewalk, Stabil Solutions was able to repair the sunken areas and make it level once again.

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Raising a concrete floor at Centreville Elementary School

This concrete floor at Centreville Elementary School in Centreville, Maryland had sunken several inches. Stabil Solutions was able to raise the concrete floor back into place saving the school from having to replace the slab and most of the flooring.

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Concrete Leveling Saves Major Food Retailer Time and Money in Hyattsville Maryland

Sometimes even small problems can cause big headaches. For this major food retailer in Hyattsville, Maryland, the difference in the height of these two concrete slabs was causing costly repairs to forklifts and warehouse equipment. The last time this retailer had such an issue, they were forced to shut down for six days while the […]

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