Graniflex: The Ultimate Crack-Resistant Concrete Coating

Graniflex combines SANI-TRED technology with quartz, sand, or stone blends to create a decorative concrete coating sturdy enough for the U.S. Marine Corps and eye-catching enough to complement Porsches in a dealership showroom. It is ideal for homes, businesses, and organizational facilities like churches and clubs.

What is Graniflex?

Graniflex is a decorative, crack-resistant concrete coating that businesses from Walgreens to Walt Disney World have trusted to withstand their foot traffic for the following reasons:

  • it's slip-resistant, decreasing the potential of slip-and-fall accidents. In fact, when deteriorating concrete at a water treatment plant created hazards for employees, it was repaired with Graniflex, according to one of the company‚Äôs case studies;
  • it's made with SANI-TRED liquid rubber technology, so it sinks into concrete's pores to protect it from the structural damage that freeze-thaw cycles cause;
  • it's durable and permanent unlike other concrete coatings that harden and chip away over time;
  • it's unable to become warped under pressure due to Graniflex's trademarked Elongation Memory technology; and
  • it's beautiful. When you think of Graniflex, picture "grains" of sand and "flecks" of quartz. You've seen patterned floors in stores and showrooms to disguise dirt, but none of them have looked like this.

Graniflex is ideal for:

  • patios
  • pool decks
  • basements
  • kitchens
  • garages
  • schools
  • stores
  • churches
  • veterinary offices
  • nature centers
  • manufacturing plants

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