Resinous Flooring

To protect your concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, stains, and other wear and tear, Stabil Solutions offers a see-through sealant , a crack-resistant coating, and a resurfacing system that turns boring gray concrete into rustic hardwood. All three have their advantages, but if you need a decorative concrete coating that’s strong, durable, beautiful, and sanitary, you can’t go wrong with resinous flooring.

What is Resinous Flooring?

“The most common types of resinous flooring are epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic,” architecture and design site said. “All three are two-part systems consisting of a base material and a hardener material. The two parts are mixed just prior to application, and a chemical reaction between them causes the mixture to begin hardening immediately.”

Reasons Maryland and Delaware Business Owners Choose Resinous Flooring

Resinous flooring offers Maryland and Delaware business owners the following benefits:

  1. Durability: This decorative concrete coating bonds to the concrete to protect it from:
    • Acids, oils, and other chemicals that may stain it
    • Water, which seeps into concrete’s pores and destroys it from the inside as it freezes and thaws repeatedly
    • Wear and tear, including scratches, that occurs from heavy machinery and foot traffic
  2. Longevity: As Better Homes & Gardens reported, “[W]hen properly applied, epoxy floor finishes can endure for as long as 20 years.”
  3. Beauty: High-end hotels often choose resinous flooring for the 3D depth and shininess it provides. Its glossiness also increases the brightness of a room by 200 percent, according to The Balance, a site that teaches readers how to “spend smarter, invest well, and build a more secure future.”
  4. Customizability: Stabil Solutions offers a wide variety of colors for your resinous flooring. We can also add logos, patterns, such as quartz blends, delineated walkways, and texture to create slip resistance.

Perhaps the most popular reason that business owners choose resinous flooring is the hygiene it provides. Germs, bacteria, and mold flourish in the grout between tiles, but a resinous flooring coating is seamless, making it perfect for:

  • food-production facilities
  • pharmacies
  • hospitals, medical offices, and laboratories
  • grocery stores and restaurants
  • schools
  • prisons
  • waste-treatment plants
  • the pet care industry, from veterinary offices to kennels, doggie daycare centers, and pet resorts

“Many canine diseases are highly contagious; kennel owners can better protect against the risk of infection by installing the appropriate type of high-performance flooring,” Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine said. “Dog boarding areas, indoor play areas, and training rooms require constant cleaning and sanitizing. The job is made far easier and much more effective when the flooring system in the kennel is completely seamless.”

Reasons Maryland and Delaware Homeowners Choose Resinous Flooring

As Better Homes & Gardens reported, resinous flooring works just as well in a garage or basement as it does in a warehouse or factory because it’s “strong enough to withstand dropped power tools, carry the weight of rolling and parked cars, and stand up to spills of all kinds.”

Its beauty and imperviousness also make it suitable for patios, porches, and sunrooms.

Lastly, resinous flooring requires little maintenance. You can vacuum up dirt, wipe away spills, or simply hose the floor down and squeegee it dry.

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