Rustic Wood Concrete Coatings

Here in the Mid-Atlantic area, many homeowners enjoy the warm appeal of a wood-look floor. After a day on the Chesapeake Bay or eight hours at the office, it's comforting to come home to nature-inspired furniture and decor. As The Independent reported, it "harkens back to simpler times and that feeling of simplicity can be very calming in a home environment." It's also easy to maintain. That's one reason Stabil Solutions' clients tend to choose our rustic concrete wood floor coating to complement their casual look: It looks like hardwood flooring, but it’s easier to maintain.

Choose Our Rustic Concrete Wood Floor Coating for Your Home or Business

Whether you want to update your basement, dress up your patio, or make your business seem classy, you should choose Stabil Solutions’ rustic concrete wood floor coating. It provides the popular, luxurious look of hardwood floors without the maintenance. Better durability, easy cleaning, and a rich, natural look are just a few of the reasons that make Rustic Wood Concrete Coatings a popular choice.

How We Turn Concrete Floors into Hardwood Floors

Stabil Solutions can turn your boring gray concrete floor into a hardwood floor in six steps:

  • First, we shotblast your concrete to remove imperfections.
  • Then, we apply a dark-pigmented polymer cement base.
  • Next, we create hardwood planks with fiber tape.
  • Afterward, we use a cement texture sprayer to create wood grain.
  • Then, we stain the faux planks by hand.
  • Once the stain has dried, we apply top coats.

Contact Stabil Solutions Today for a Decorative Concrete Coating Quote

Applying a decorative coating is the best way to protect your investment from the elements in central Maryland. Call (443) 951-1070 today to learn more about our decorative concrete solutions and request a free quote.

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